Vault of Present Pleasures (A creative poem on fantasy )

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Emerald coins, paperweights of Sapphire,
Moonstone crayons, Rose Quartz wires
A Peacock’s song in Othello’s cries,
Vivid Pastels glimmer via Van Gogh’s sighs
Into the vault of Present Pleasures,
Lay such fantastic unconceived treasures of Nigh.

Also lay herein dark translucent things…
Sea Shells with Whale Echoes and Wings,
Flew everywhere making Neon Bubble Rings,
As though Air indeed was Water,
And Patterns translated to Clutter.

Chaotic yet weirdly Orchestrated,
Breathed all these , each in its place,
Each charged and casting its own Charming Daze;
Silently causing me to fall in its Calm..
Almost asleep to sounds of Truthful Alarms,
My Eyes surrender & shut in the Sweet Lies,
Senses Lost in the vault yet Fantasize.

– A poem full of imaginations by Cynthia ❀️

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Unpreserved Love. ( A poem about that ‘love’ which was never cherished.)

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Feed the moon my poetry.
Tie my soul to your last blunder.
Follow my cries into the fathomless sea,
Watch me laugh with the every thunder.

The galaxies crumble at your door,
Looking for hope within your soul
Alas, they found you empty ,deep and above.
For you failed to preserve a gift so rare such as love.

Feed the moon my love drenched poetry.
Don’t stop until its drunk enough.
It wont be accused of gluttony.
For there is no limit to a universe called love.




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