Unpreserved Love. ( A poem about that ‘love’ which was never cherished.)

Photo by Andreas Wohlfahrt on Pexels.com


Feed the moon my poetry.
Tie my soul to your last blunder.
Follow my cries into the fathomless sea,
Watch me laugh with the every thunder.

The galaxies crumble at your door,
Looking for hope within your soul
Alas, they found you empty ,deep and above.
For you failed to preserve a gift so rare such as love.

Feed the moon my love drenched poetry.
Don’t stop until its drunk enough.
It wont be accused of gluttony.
For there is no limit to a universe called love.




You! Yes you who just read my poem.. please stay safe, i am glad you are alive and this is just a reminder to tell you , my lovely reader, that , things will get better. 😇😊😊💚

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AFAR – A poem about the love between “Callisto” ( one of Jupiter’s moons) and a “tiny space rock”(one among the numerous particles found in the Saturn’s ring)

Photo by Skyler Ewing on Pexels.com

I saw through my telescope
With my one foot in the air , totally surpised,

I witnessed Callisto elope.
With a cute rock covered in ice.

They jumped and circled ,
Their love signals sounded garbled.

Free from the pull and force…
They floated very near to Milkyway’s doors.

“Password” grunted a Policing star.
The couple giggled and showed their scar.

A massive part of them had gone,
As they left the places from where they were born.
Gates were then opened ajar.
And the two giddy celestial beings floated, excitedly, Afar.