AFAR – A poem about the love between “Callisto” ( one of Jupiter’s moons) and a “tiny space rock”(one among the numerous particles found in the Saturn’s ring)

Photo by Skyler Ewing on

I saw through my telescope
With my one foot in the air , totally surpised,

I witnessed Callisto elope.
With a cute rock covered in ice.

They jumped and circled ,
Their love signals sounded garbled.

Free from the pull and forceā€¦
They floated very near to Milkyway’s doors.

“Password” grunted a Policing star.
The couple giggled and showed their scar.

A massive part of them had gone,
As they left the places from where they were born.
Gates were then opened ajar.
And the two giddy celestial beings floated, excitedly, Afar.